May 1, 2021

Survey on Civil Service Training Center Bhuj

Surya Varsani Academy, Civil Service Training Center-Bhuj , Managed by Sardardham.

Training Center for Civil Service Competative Examinations to be started for the youth of Kutch Bhuj as well as all the Patidar Samaj of Saurashtra.

MoUs have been signed to start a civil service training center managed by Sardardham at Surya Varsani Academy Bhuj.

It is planned to start training classes for competitive examinations in the Vocational Training Center at Surya Varsani Academy Complex with the help of advanced classrooms, library as well as faculty attached to Sardardham.

To join these training classes, the youth of Bhuj as well as the surrounding districts of Saurashtra are requested to provide information on the following registration link  as part of planning and arrangements.


Registration Link –

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