A thought

A thought

Let’s Rise and Awake...

Namaskar to our dignified, proud, privileged and enlightened fellow brothers & sisters……
We are proud to be the heirs of the Modern Architect of the united India & Inspirer of the true freedom movement, “The Iron Man of India “Shree Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel”.
We appeal to all our knowledgeable, esteemed and conscientious patidar brothers and sisters to come forward keeping aside barriers and Distinctions between “Kadva” and “Leuva” and taking pride and inspiration from the exemplary life of “Sardar Saheb” to contribute for nation development through social development and transformation.

In the 21th century of knowledge, science and technology, for the bright future of our young generation to keep pace with others in the country and around the world, in an era of privatization, liberalization and globalization, the youth should be well equipped with such skills that they can fulfill their desired dreams. Let us provide them support and guidance to enable them to meet with the emerging opportunities and contribute further to the progress of the nation, and live their independent life in a sustainable manner with self confidence.
We bestow our blessings upon the youth. May they be well-educated, progressive, innovative, self-confident, good at inter-personal relations, with due regard for nature and the ability to live fearlessly, peacefully and happily in the society.

The four pillars of our democracy are legislature, executives, judiciary and press. Let us enable our children with capabilities that they can become a part of this democratic system and also make them capable for enhancing their business potentialities and entrepreneurship.
So, let us pledge to unite and make “The abode of unity of the entire Patidar Community – Sardardham” more powerful and resourceful by your physical, intellectual and economical efforts (support) and request all the Patidar Brothers and Sisters to join this development yatra of whole patidar community for great success…..

Jay Sardar….. Jay Hind…..