• To Social transformation to the Nation Building
  • To socially consolidate and ensure the unity & fraternity
  • Social, Educational & economical development of the community


  1. To undertake various Programme to enable integrated development of society
  2. To empower the youth through establishing educational/training institute (Centre of Excellence)
  3. To provide employment & Career opportunities to youngsters
  4. To provide platform for entrepreneurship & skill development
  5. To preserve & sustain the Patidar Culture


  1. Global Presence / Recognition of Patidars – Alignment from Village to Global Level.
  2. Social and Economic Development of all Needy Patidar’s Family
  3. Women Empowerment – through education, self employment and entrepreneurship
  4. To Endeavour to eliminate the health-hazard habit, like Tobacco, liquors, Gutaka etc.
  5. Creating Hostel Facilities for 2000 Boys and Girls With all amenities and affordable in the first phase
  6. Construction and Development of “Sardardham” Head and Corporate Office with Training Centre as a part of “Career Development”
  7. In the Second Phase it is proposed to acquire sufficient land Create Hostel facilities to accommodate 8000, Boys and Girls and eventually to open new centers.
  8. With the Cooperation of Serving or retired officers including corporate educative and community leaders – problems / Grievance resolution centers will be started E.G. Revenue Guidance and Legal Guidance Forum – Industrial Guidance.
  9. Guest House (Atithi Bhavan) with hodaing and Boarding will be created for patidars Community, Coming from Abroad and various part of the country.
  10. To Create Corpus fund to give financial interest free assistance for Higher Education to bright and needy student.
  11. To Create Career and Guidance Centers for youngsters
  12. To provide and facilitate employment to educated unemployed Boys and Girls in Government / Public and Private Sector.