An Ideology

An Ideology

Our Honorable Brothers and Sisters...

We feel proud Privileged to be heirs of Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, The architect of Integrated India, towering personality of freedom struggle and Popularly known as “Iron Man of India” Our beloved Patidar possess quality of Gyanvanta, Khamirvanta, Zamirvanta, Amirvanta brothers and sisters ...Inspired by the high ideals of Sardar Saheb's life, let us all be determined and determined to "build a nation by building a society” “ સમાજ નિર્માણથી રાષ્ટ્ર નિર્માણ"

Let all of us take inspiration from High ideals and deeds of Sardar Saheb life and take a pledge with strong determaintain for “Social Transformation to Nation Building” “ સમાજ નિર્માણથી રાષ્ટ્ર નિર્માણ"

As a part of bright future of Patidar Community, in the 21st century of knowledge and science and Technology is key driver of integrated development of youth and in the era of Privatization, Liberalization and Globalization our young Boy and Girls should bem capable to keep pace and face challenges of country and world. So that they can seize the emerging opportunity and to make them self reliant. lets give them full support and guidance, we are committed to give them full support and Guidance. We are Committed to give them happiness by making educated (Shikshit) capable (Dixit) Secured (Rakshit) developed (Vikshit) and to create self confidence, family bonding, fearless society and thereby balancing with nature and our goal to make them happy We should be contended with Joy and peace, lets come forward, to Promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in every sphere of life among youth and to enable boys and girls to join main four pillars of democracy, Legislature, Executive Judiciary, Media and Defence, So Lets unite and join together to make “Sardardham as Centre of Samast Patidar Unity” and extend support by all means (તન ,મન ,ધન ) to make integrated development path as Giant Leap for Patidar Community

Jai Sardar ... Jai Hind


To Social transformation to the Nation Building
To socially consolidate and ensure the unity & fraternity
Social, Educational & economic development of the community


To undertake various Programme to enable integrated development of society
To empower the youth through establishing educational/training institute (Centre of Excellence)
To provide employment & Career opportunities to youngsters
To provide platform for entrepreneurship & skill development
To preserve & sustain the Patidar Culture


Global Presence / Recognition of Patidars – Alignment from Village to Global Level.
Social and Economic Development of all Needy Patidar’s Family
Women Empowerment – through education, self employment and entrepreneurship
Creating Hostel Facilities for 10000 Boys and Girls With all amenities and affordable.
Construction and Development of “Sardardham” Head and Corporate Office with Training Centre as a part of “Career Development”
Guest House (Atithi Bhavan) with Lodging and Boarding will be created for patidars Community, Coming from Abroad and various part of the country.
With the Cooperation of Serving or retired officers including corporate educative and community leaders – problems / Grievance resolution centres will be started e.g.. Revenue Guidance and Legal Guidance ,Social Security Forum – Industrial Guidance.
To Create Career and Guidance Centres for youngsters