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Sardardham A thought

Let’s Rise and Awake

Namaskar to our dignified, proud, privileged and enlightened fellow brothers & sisters……

We are proud to be the heirs of the Modern Architect of the united India & Inspirer of the true freedom movement, “The Iron Man of India “Shree Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel”.

We appeal to all our knowledgeable, esteemed and conscientious patidar brothers and sisters to come forward keeping aside barriers and Distinctions between “Kadva” and “Leuva” and taking pride and inspiration from the exemplary life of “Sardar Saheb” to contribute for nation development through social development and transformation.

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Sardardham Yuva Tej / Tejaswini Member

  • Only patidar youths are entitled to membership in this organization.
  • The member is dedicated to Sardardham and its social services.
  • The member will sincerely dedicate himself/herself to the nation and commit to uphold the dignity of Sardar Patel.
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